Business Phone Line Rental

Our incredible Business Phone Line Packages offer great value to you whatever the size of your business and whatever industry you are in.

With Unitel Direct’s phone line rentals you get much more than mere connections!

Business phone line is the cornerstone of any business’s successful working. With your phone line connection you answer your potential customers’ queries, talk to your partners, respond to your patrons’ grievances and do much more!

Cheapest Line Rental PackageBusiness Phone Line

  • Save 72% compared to BT
  • Easy to switch - keep your existing number
  • International calls from 3p per min
  • Mobile Phones Charged at 10.5p per min
  • UK Customer Service Centre
  • Account Management
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Business Line Rental Packages

Imagine a day without any phone call, and you will lose heaps of money, for sure!

Here is where Unitel Direct comes with the best for you. With our wonderful phone line packages we offer you a confident way of staying linked to the world, besides providing you a matchless service quality that suits your business’s needs in the greatest way possible.

The Best Phone Line & Calls Rates

Line rental
From 11.75
Local & national
084 & 087
From 5.5p
Free (Subject to contract)

Business Phone Line Installation - Get the best with us!

Our business phone line packages are designed to give you the benefit of unbroken connectivity accompanied by supreme customer service.

Switching to Unitel Direct will be a smart decision for your business owing to our incredible phone line connections.

What’s more? You don’t even have to pay any set up fee (subject to contract)!

So, go for our services and make the most out of your business phone line setup, today!

Business Phone Line Installation

At Unitel Direct, we offer amazing deals for business phone lines that are actually second to none! With our brilliant offerings you get great savings in conjunction with incredible customer service and, when it comes to price – we ensure that you get the best with our exclusive phone line rentals that start at £3.50! When we talk about prices - beating the competition is, without a doubt, our forte! What’s more? We make it all the more enticing for you, with no set up cost!

Choose from our various business communication offerings if you are in search of great connections. With our state-of-the-art network, and myriad phone line packages, picking the right one for you becomes easy. 

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